Options you will get in Coin Master

In order to play Coin Master, It is important to know about some essential options. There are a lot of options are present which are used for different work. Firstly you need you to know some vital information about the game. The game is released on 16, September 2014 in all over world. In the game, many features are available which make the game trending. In it, you can trade your cards with the community. If you are a dreamer and want to create own world then must download it. Many types of unique buildings are available to make your clan beautiful.

 Options of the main menu- 

In the main menu, many options are available. Each option is useful for different work and tasks. Here today we talk about all information about the menu. If you want to get whole detail, then read the article or by getting Coin Master Hack.

  1. Play-

When you tap on the play option, then a slot machine will open automatically. With the help of this machine, you can earn the rewards.

  1. Village-

This option is used to update the villages. It means if you want to add and update the building in your town then use this option.

  1. Buy Coins/ Spins-

It is useful to purchase the spins and coins via real currencies. Lots of value packs are available in it, and each pack has a different amount.

  1. Village shop-

It is a shop where all villages’ related items are available. In other words, we can say that it is useful to develop the village. Various kinds of buildings are available in this option.

  1. Village news-

With the help of it, you will get all detail related to news. It means all news are related to clan available in this option.

  1. Map-

It is a useful thing for finding the enemies and friends. If you want to attack on enemies’ clans, then its must require. With the help of maps, you are also able to see whose wants to attack you.

  1. Invite Friends-

With the help of it, you can invite the friends. When you invite the friends, then you will get free rewards.



Tips To Play Avakin Life For Beginners

Have you ever played Avakin Life? Well, it is a game full of creativity and interesting aspects. Before getting started to play the game, you should consider some important things. You need to learn its pure basics and other techniques. The tutorial is the best features that have been added by the game developers for the convenience of the beginners. Most of the players are excited to play this game due to its fantastic features and other gameplay elements. Never start playing the game without having enough knowledge. It can also create lots of issues in the game for the players.

In order to get rid of all these issues, players should pay attention to the gameplay and other features. With the help of this, they can enjoy the game by playing it. They should always pay equal attention to all the aspects and it will help them to play the game easily.

Focus on the gameplay

You may know that most of the players always pay more attention to earn resources. If you are also one of them then it is not good. Due to this, you can’t enjoy the game. You should also try to focus on the gameplay otherwise you have to face issues. Only earning currencies are not enough to enjoy the game. There are many other things which players should do to have unlimited fun in the game. You shouldn’t ignore the importance of currencies because they also have an important role in the game. Try to focus on all the aspects even currencies so you can reduce all the issues.

Gather free resources

Most of the time, the game features allows the players to collect the game resources by trying Avakin Life Cheats. Players shouldn’t miss the chance to collect the free resources in the game. They need to pay attention to the gameplay and also on the free gifts and rewards. They should try to collect the free rewards in the game to load their game account. After this, they can easily use the resources to buy various in-game items from the game shop. In this way, they can also design the home in a perfect manner. Using the best in-game items can also help them to give an attractive look to their characters.

Hope, all this information will help you to play the Avakin Life which is also called as the best chat app.